What’s your idea of a “perfect” life?

For a lot of women, it involves being married to a wonderful person, having kids and a successful career.

Many women are so fixed to that image that they become discouraged, depressed or downtrodden when it doesn’t happen exactly like they’d pictured it.

In my work with 20 and 30-something women, I see this scenario happen over and over. These women have gone through all the “required” steps to craft a meaningful life… but once they’ve finished their education, begun their careers, and launched that “adult” life they knew was their destiny, they find that something is still missing.

They find themselves struggling to find the meaningful relationship that elevates them and fulfills their desires.

Don’t settle for less!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, serving couples and millennial women, I’m here to walk with you on your journey towards a healthy relationship, higher confidence and more of a fulfilling life.

When you’re confident…when you’re able to have trust in your relationships and when you address and tackle your insecurities,  the life you’re really looking for becomes so much easier to attract.

Unfortunately, I see far too many women go through the cycle of bad relationships. They don’t feel worthy of a good one, or they’ve been cheated on so many times that they don’t have any trust left. They begin to choose men who only use them….men who don’t see their value and worth. 

But you are worth it!

By learning how to trust and get over baggage, you can once again feel secure and confident and able to move forward.

Stop living with the guilt and shame of “not getting it right”! Get to know YOU, develop a foundation built on confidence and self worth, dig into and address the fears that have been holding you back and starting working towards the life you deserve.

I’d love to walk with and support you on your personal journey.

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